Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hilly + Hannah = Hillywood?

Two days ago, sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi of the Internet parody duo The Hillywood Show, of which I am very much a fan, released a new kind of video. Under the artist name "Hilly + Hannah," they released a music video to an original song, "Saturday Night," that is also available on iTunes; you can view the video by clicking here.

They revealed plans for this song months ago, and even then I wasn't sure what to think about it. Parodies and original songs? But they're certainly not the first YouTubers to release music on iTunes, and it's usually a good thing to try out new things--even if they don't turn out perfect, you can learn about what worked and what you did/didn't like about them. So while the song didn't turn out to be my favorite (I suspected it wouldn't be: Hilly and Hannah like hip hop--I don't really), I can respect and maybe even admire the experimentation and branching out.

But my disinterest in this new venture goes deeper than that, into the lyrics of the song and the form of the music video. You see, my love of The Hillywood Show (back when "Twilight Parody" was their only parody apart from the original episodes) grew, in many ways, from watching the behind the scenes videos and seeing how much fun Hilly and Hannah had putting the material together and how positive they seemed as people. That matters for my YouTube subscriptions: I like positive inspiration, if you will, even in my entertainment.

But this music video, while sleekly put together and all, just looks like a music video to me. It doesn't remind me of The Hillywood Show; I know that it isn't exactly a Hillywood production, but still . . . where is the connection to the minds behind the show and the video/song? And then there are the lyrics: they sound like standard hip hop lyrics to me, about dancing and dating/flirting. Is a "just dance" message it? I don't think I have anything against plain entertainment, but something of the wholesomeness, if you will, of Hillywood felt missing from this music video.

So while it was interesting to see something different, it's still going to be the parodies/behind the scenes that I look forward most to seeing.

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