Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Hobbit Production Diary 8 Reaction

If you haven't seen it yet, you can view Peter Jackson's new production video here. And, yes, it has spoilers.

There were three main things that caught my attention in this video: Radagast, Andy Serkis, and Beorn's Hall.

I remember hearing something or other about how Radagast would be in the movie, but probably tried to store away the info outside of memory (wanting to not know everything about the movie beforehand). But the brief moments in the vlog showed an actor approaching his character in as tactile a way as does Ian McKellen and a home that is as decorated a set as Bag End. Looking forward to seeing more.

And it looks like Andy Serkis has been having a good time as the second unit director; if any of the actors had this role, it seems only fitting that he be the one. I loved the shirts some of the crew were wearing, emblazoned with the words "Andy's Flying Serkis."

I literally gasped when they showed Beorn's Hall, of which I hadn't previously seen anything (I can't say for sure if anyone else had--I've been staying away from most of the production/character photos). Maybe it's just because I've spent so much time on Beowulf in a few of my classes, but it was amazing to see this Hall. What is a relatively simple space became awesome--and that bodes well for the scenes with Beorn.

My curiosity grows.

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