Friday, May 31, 2013

May Favorites

1) Green Necklace - At one of the antique stores I visit every so often, there is a booth with bunches and bunches of necklaces hanging. They're for low prices, but are also mostly plastic and such, so I'm usually not interested in them. But I always check just in case. Last time, I found this long, gold necklace with green accents. It was either $1 or $3, perfect for layering.

2) Pigeon - Doves are supposed to be so precious, and doves and pigeons are the same thing--and I happen to like pigeons. So when I found this (iron or metal) pigeon at The Hummingbird House in Sedona, he wanted to come home with me. He likes to hang out on top of my books.

3) Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara - Around Christmas, I got Sephora's set of sample-sized mascaras--which are a great deal, especially since even the small sizes last me a long time. I'm currently using Lancôme's, which has a curvy brush that applies a good amount of mascara easily. Even when I'm trying to keep the look light, I still find that my lashes end up full and dark. I like the look this mascara gives--the only reason I wouldn't buy a full-sized version is that I'm trying to stick to Tarte makeup (and similar brands).

4) Frog & Mirror - At another antique store, I saw this Frog Prince sitting near some jewelry. He's holding a mirror to see if he's turned human again--but I find him quite cute as a frog. On the underside, he is labeled as pewter, titled as "A Wishing Frog," and signed. I've been keeping him by my perfumes.

5) Raw Shea Butter - Last year, I mentioned that I was using shea butter instead of lotion (and sunscreen, which I never used much, anyway). I wasn't using it as much in winter, but am using it more now that the weather has warmed up. I keep it in this little pink milkglass container.

6) Dinosaur Box - Even if I like dinosaurs, there aren't usually any I would put out around my house. But this box from ModCloth is wood (darker than in the picture), making it a subtle piece of dinosaur merch.

7) Almond Oil - Instead of makeup remover, I use almond oil each night. It's simple and natural, and you can store it in whatever container you like.

8) The Little Prince - At the same store where I found the frog, I picked up this copy of The Little Prince. It's an endearing book that I had been thinking of buying, anyway, so why not have a vintage copy?

9) Banana Republic Shorts - I guess it's becoming my habit to choose a couple of pairs of shorts from the Banana Republic Outlet each year when they're having a sale. One pair is green, and although I don't think I've ever had any khaki shorts before, I had to get these because they were in the petite section and therefore fit me better than the others.

10) Franco Sarto Shoes - I have my plain, flat sandals for everyday type wear during summer, but I was also wanting another pair. Something still casual, but a little prettier in case I go somewhere where I want to look nicer--maybe something with height. Then I found these at Famous Footwear; although I had never heard of the brand, Googling it at home showed that Nordstrom sells the label, so I think they were a good buy. They're a neutral color, but have a subtle design to them. They add quite a bit of height to my shortness without having a high heel. They almost make me "normal person height."

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