Sunday, May 19, 2013

Orion Skin Care: Chocolate Mint Bathing Bar

You may or may not have gathered that, post-graduation, I am no longer in the Phoenix area. I will possibly return there; I will possibly not return, either. But for now I am in slightly more northern regions of the state. This, in turn, brought me to New Frontiers, which is sort of the main natural food store in Sedona. Sedona, the land of beautiful Red Rocks and a helping of hippie and/or New Age mindsets. The soap that I picked up at the store is by a Sedona brand, Orion Skin Care. I figured that if it was a Sedona brand, it had to be truly a natural product and not a pretend natural product. And it was chocolate mint soap, so. 

In the spirit of Sedona, I photographed the soap on a backdrop of quartz crystals, which are currently resting on a prettily-tarnished silver plate where I'm also keeping my perfumes. The packaging is a simple white box, accented with green, gray, and black. It's distinctive, but not chaotic. Although this was one of the lower priced soaps at New Frontiers, it is 100% organic. All seven ingredients are organic, and the bar has its NSIO (New Standards in Organics) stamp. The chocolate part comes from cocoa powder, and the mint from peppermint essential oil--there is also vanilla powder. It isn't an overwhelming aroma of chocolate mint, but it's fresh and pleasing. 

The plain, unmarked bar is a rich brown color--it came with a slight white coating that disappeared after I wet the soap. The soap does go on with a slight brown coloring, but it washes off like normal. It has tiny grains almost like exfoliating ingredients; I'm not sure which ingredient gives it that. Whereas the occasional natural soap likes to fall apart in water, this one maintains its shape. I used it once or twice on my face and didn't notice it having any negative effects, though I'll probably keep it more for a hand or body soap. I would buy this soap again; I'm just not sure if I will buy it again. It's local and uses good ingredients and smells nice, which makes me like it. But if it had a richer chocolate scent, then I would love it. 

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