Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Light of Chocolate

As I approached, I saw a little light shining on the shelf. It bloomed in rays of fire and the scent of chocolate. 

Although my interest in candles is minor and my interest in sweetly scented candles is sparse, I make room for this short, glistening pillar. Unlike the sticky sweet scents of cinnamon roll or chocolate chip cookie belonging to candles that are usual to find at the store, Chocolate Truffle by Root is purer, more realistic and sophisticated. Sniffing the candle at Jo-Ann Fabric, I found that it smelled enough of chocolate truffles, not weird artificial chocolate, that I had to get one. But Root appears to be on the expensive side, so I got two of the tiny candles instead of one of the bigger ones in glass containers.

When the candle is lit, it smells slightly less like truffles and more like rich brownies baking. But note that I am not exaggerating when I say this candle smells like dessert baking. One day, I walked over to my desk and wondered where that aroma was coming from. Maybe it was some of the chocolate in my desk drawer? Was the downstairs neighbor baking? No, the candle I'd lit the night before was just sitting there on the printer, spreading its goodness even when not lit. For such a small candle, it's powerful. 

It's also become my buddy. It smells like hot chocolate for the evening, chocolate scones for the morning, and chocolate fudge for the afternoon. It has none of the bitterness of dark truffles, nor quite the cloying sweetness of most dessert-inspired candles. I've turned it on in tandem with a vanilla candle to create a chocolate sundae for the air. 

Welcome to my world of chocolate. 

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