Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Hillywood Show Strikes Again

I never got around to watching Warm Bodies, so the occasional circumstance happened that The Hillywood Show parodied a movie I hadn't yet watched. But I had seen the trailers and knew the basic plot . . . and their video portrays its own version of the unfolding plot line. It follows the story like a mini movie.

I confess that I haven't been posting on Hillywood as much because I haven't really liked a couple of their recent videos. I was getting worried that, after so many years, they were starting to go in a direction I wasn't interested in following. Yet, although I have no connection to Warm Bodies, I kind of liked this parody. The quirkiness is reminiscent of the early Hillywood Show episodes, the minor darkness of their video for The Dark Knight, the color palette of The Runaways, and the dance sequence of their Eclipse parody. All the pieces come together in that endearing way that also puts you into awe (they filmed in and around a plane?). And that final dance sequence--it's up there with their best work. 

And, once again, we have the reward of an hour of behind the scenes to see what exactly it was like to film around that plane or how they got all the dancers coordinated. Even the behind the scenes has the same quirky flavor as the parody does. 

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