Sunday, August 10, 2014

Keychain Productions & Wireless

So I was on vacation. I'm back now; hello, world. And one of the things I came back to was the long-awaited, newest video from Keychain Productions. This is the first episode of the web series Wireless, in which previous Primeval actors Andrew Lee Potts and Lucy Brown are reunited. I do love reminders of Primeval. Written by Alex Moss and directed by Andrew Lee Potts, Wireless has that signature style we've become familiar with from Keychain, along with something more. 

I can't approach a Keychain film without addressing color. From the calm yellow at the start, the green in the opening scene, and the blue in the car to the pops of red, it is all very intriguing. Given that, plot-wise, this pilot episode seems to just be setting the scene, I'm looking to the colors for foreshadowing. In the night vision scenes, the red looks ominous and dangerous--but by the time we enter the car, it looks more glowing, like beating hearts. The red glows on the car seat headrests, as if standing in for the computer voice and the two people who have access to the car's camera feed. It's like we aren't just watching one person in the car: we're watching all four. 

Appreciation must also go to the cinematography here. Most of the ten minute episode takes place in the car, and in the front of the car, at that. Yet the camera moves around enough and with enough thought that I didn't get bored and always felt like there was something new to consider. This, in turn, brings us to the dialogue. All that hilarious, wonderful dialogue. I had thought that what I enjoyed most about Keychain films was their exploration of emotion through a thoughtful lens of color, but so far Wireless takes that thoughtful exploration and combines it with all the comedy of a Keychain vlog. I'm curious about the plot, but I also simply enjoyed sitting with the fun of the scene. 

We'll all be excitedly awaiting new episodes. Thank you, Keychain team, for the new videos. And for everyone reading, this is a fan-funded series, so please donate if you can:

(Side note: I keep a couple of my Little Links buttons clipped onto my suitcases. I find it fitting that I was carting them around California the very week that Keychain Productions released a new video.)

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