Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Favorites

1) Green Oaxaca Animals - The carved and painted wooden animals from Oaxaca are beautiful little pieces of art, but I have always found them too colorful for me. When I was in San Diego this month, though, I thought of how I can incorporate them into my style: collect them all in green only. An armadillo and a lizard are the start of my all-green collection.

2) Tortoiseshell Cameo - Yes, I went to an antique store or two in California, too. I wear my cameos all the time, so why not get another one? This one is brown and black and rectangular, making it different from the ones I already have.

3) Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro Tea - I've already mentioned how much I loved the Rust General Store. One of the things I bought there was this tea, which comes in such a pretty tin and smells like the most delicate and fragrant vanilla. I've been getting a lot of vanilla teas lately, and I think this one might be my favorite.

4) Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder - Good old Burt's Bees. Their tinted lip balms were perfect for when I was in school: they add just a touch of color, which is what you want when other people around you don't tend to be wearing much makeup. Given that those colors ran light, I picked out one of the brighter shades of the lip crayon. This product feels more like a lipstick but still has some moisturizing to it. It stays on pretty well if you apply a lot; if you want a lighter look, you can always add just a brush of color.

5) Chocolate Notebooks - First I saw one and then the other two, and I rebelliously decided that I didn't need to choose just one: I could get them all. In mint green, lavender, and deep brown, they're all gorgeous, whether you use them for recipes, chocolate tasting notes, or whatever else.

6) L'Oreal Nail Polish in Pop the Bubbles - I hadn't used glitter nail polish since I was around ten. But then I was going to the beach and glitter does go with sand and this polish is in a sea serpent shade (sea serpents are cooler than mermaids), so I got it.

7) Pigeon Figure - Some time ago, I found a brown pigeon that instantly took up residence among my books. So when I saw another one in gray at a different store, how could I say no? It was a good thing I didn't: the woman at the register said they stopped making them because the cast iron was becoming too expensive.

8) Kelly's Spa Bath Gel in Tuscan Soul - If you've ever stayed at the Mission Inn in Riverside, you will be familiar with the spa products that they stock the rooms with. Finally I decided not to be content with a tiny bottle of bath gel and went to the spa store to buy a full-size version. The scent has just become so luxuriously familiar to me.

9) Lavender Tea Tree Oil - I was looking for tea tree oil (it's great for keeping things clean and even keeping away certain bugs, plus it smells fresh like eucalyptus) but all the store had was tea tree with lavender. And you know what? The two smell great together. I'm obsessed now with spraying tea tree lavender.

10) Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara - Tarte doesn't have very many mascaras, but it took me a while to try this one. I think I might like it a tiny bit more than the others. Maybe. Plus, it has this beautiful bamboo case.

11) Les Anis de Flavigny French Mints in Rose - The Rust General Store also had these lovely mints. My friend likes to buy the violet version, which I'm not too fond of. But I love rose, so I had to try these; they're delightful and the tin looks gorgeous in my purse. I might just have to buy more online when these run out.

12) Yellow Notebooks - Yes, I bought even more notebooks. The one on the left is French, and the one on the right uses an old textile pattern. They're both lovely and slightly rustic.

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