Sunday, August 24, 2014

San Diego: Huckleberry Truffles

Although I wouldn't say that San Diego is one of those places that really speaks to me, the candy for sale in the Historic Old Town San Diego area has most certainly always spoken to me. My souvenirs this time? Lots of tea, lots of chocolate, and lots of candy. Here is most of the candy that I picked out:

When I spend a little time in Cambria while visiting Hearst Castle, I adored the pretty little town and walked out happily with a huckleberry chocolate, finding the flavor very pleasant. Cousin's Candy Shop in San Diego also had a lot of huckleberry products; I bought a small jar of jelly and two truffles, one milk and one dark. In simple foil wrap, they didn't strike me as anything that would have an amazing level of quality--but just as something nice and simple to come across while walking around. 

The first chocolate I unwrapped was in the lighter shade of purple, so I thought it must be the milk chocolate, even when I saw its light shade of brown. But it turns out that the truffle in the darker wrapper was in fact the one with lighter color. (They were labeled in the store, but I quickly forgot which was which.) The dark chocolate is standardly creamy and the milk chocolate standardly sweet for confections. Nothing fancy here. 

But I'm still fascinated enough by the huckleberry flavor that I still don't really care if the chocolate is good or not. The purple filling tastes like berries but also like sweetness; it goes well with the creaminess of the chocolate. If you were to use a better quality chocolate, you would also have to have a better filling. But as it is, with both of them being mediocre, these truffles are simply a chocolate berry candy. 

I was never expecting them to be anything more than candy. Sure, it would be nice if they were, yet I still enjoy finding random chocolate candy at wonderfully fun candy stores. And there's something about huckleberry that tastes like nostalgia . . . maybe because it's a flavor that isn't often used anymore. Let me finish by saying that everything in the top picture is by now long gone, except for the three items on the left (rose mints, a small Taza bar, and chocolate Necco wafers). I guess I did eat half of it on the car ride back home. I do love candy.

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