Monday, October 7, 2019

Walking through Dreams - Part 1

I told you I'd be visiting Batuu again soon, didn't I? It's been a while since I went to Disneyland twice in the same year, but you know what? This year has been rough for a variety of reasons, so I can use some extra cheering. I'll come in with a second post later that focuses on Disney, but it'll be Star Wars today.

This picture is so good it looks green-screened. 

In June, I had my four hour window to hang out in Black Spire Outpost, but this time I could just wander in and out at will and spend as much time as I wanted to there and still know that I'd be able to come back later if I wanted to. Amazing. I am enthralled by this place. It's beautiful. I truly believe that it has been there forever and that when I am there, I am on another planet. It's gorgeous. All of the architectural and atmospheric detail and all of the backstories.

Going first thing in the morning doesn't necessarily give you a shorter ride wait time, but it does give a great opportunity for pictures. Take some of your own and take advantage of PhotoPass. The overcast mornings provide good lighting and there will be less people in your pictures. 

Last time, I had lunch at Docking Bay 7 and liked the place but didn't care for the food. This time I tried breakfast from Ronto Roasters. Twice. The first morning by myself--and then the second morning I split one of the wraps with someone while we waited in line for Smuggler's Run (we had late breakfast reservations). It's my favorite breakfast thing now. No line and a solid, easy-to-eat-on-the-go food. I need fuel for a day at the parks but I don't always want to take time for a sit down breakfast, so this is perfect. 

Speaking of Smuggler's Run, I finally had the opportunity to be more than just an engineer on the Millennium Falcon since I wasn't by myself this time. Only, we never got the whole group on together, so it being only two of us, I still only managed to be a gunner, not a pilot. And I don't know, engineer might just be more exciting than gunner. There are more types of buttons. Gunner does put you a little closer to the screen, though, so I think it lets you see what's going on better. Someday, someday I'll get to make that jump to light speed. 

I love petrified wood both in Arizona and on Batuu.

From my face, perhaps porgs smell a little fishy?

Not sure why I'm so thrilled about the First Order's presence on the planet.

Just hanging out at the outpost.

Seeing Black Spire Outpost at night was exciting. The colors change with the lighting, and it all remains gorgeous. 

The Marketplace is well lit with lamps from above. 

I'd been saving Oga's Cantina; this time I made it there. Being just two people (for the cantina, not for the trip), we stood at the bar. Maybe other spots have their perks, too, but that seems like the best place to be. You feel right in the middle of it all. 

My drink was the Jedi Mind Trick, a lovely light cocktail perfect for being at the park. I appreciate that it felt light on the alcohol because that's what feels appropriate for Disneyland. The drinks are all beautiful and if this one was an example, quite good, as well. 

Oops, can you tell that I barely reach the bar? 

On our last night there, we watched the fireworks from in front of the Falcon. That's my new favorite spot for fireworks. Sure, you can't hear the soundtrack, but I didn't mind since these were the Halloween fireworks and I'm not big on Halloween (I'm in the minority these days, I guess) and I'd watched them in Disneyland proper the night before. This time I could just enjoy the fireworks behind the black spires. Gorgeous. You're also super close to where they launch them from, so they're bigger and louder. A most impressive sight. 

Oh, yes, and elsewhere in time and space (specifically, at Launch Bay in Tomorrowland), I took this weird picture with Darth Vader. I am tiny, this we know. Everyone's right; it's intimidating meeting him, especially when you don't even come up to his shoulder. I told him I support the Empire because, you know, it seemed polite. 

Walking through dreams and playing with our imaginations, it's nice. It helps us relax and it helps us store up good memories. Memories of walking through Black Spire Outpost and showing everything to my family and smiling with them. 

Click here for Part 2.

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