Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jack White's Latest

So it's been a while now since Jack White's solo album Blunderbuss came out, and even though I had pretty much added it to my wish list from the start, I just barely got it yesterday.

I think I've always like Jack White's voice. A lot of songs from the bands he was involved in played frequently when I was in high school--I just never purchased any of them. Given that it's his voice that I like, it's as the album goes on that I start to like the style of the songs more. "Love Interruption" is one of my favorites: it's quite simple, but something addicting to listen to. The rawness of the entire album is refreshing (is that an ironic adjective to use there? oh, well--that's just how it is sometimes).

I also have to point out how much I love the lyrics to "On and On and On." I think every person can add their own meaning to these words, and I certainly have. You could probably say it's the most poetic song on the album, even though the lyrics in general are strong. Other songs I like include "Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy" and "Weep Themselves to Sleep" (the piano is great on this song).

These days, most people have a variety of music types, but I tend to think my collection is particularly eclectic. I have trouble saying I like a particular genre because I most likely only have a couple of artists in that genre, anyway: they're all scattered about. I have to like an album for itself, not for its genre. But it is good to have some more rock-type songs from someone else besides Flyleaf (as opposed to, say, all the songs I have from Hayley Westenra) (and not to say that I don't have any other rock/alternative/etc. songs, just not a wide variety of them). I'm rambling now, am I? Alright: I like the album, and it makes a nice addition to my music collection.

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