Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet Renesmee . . .

Yesterday, Twilight fans got to see a couple of new pictures (for Entertainment Weekly covers) of Renesmee. You can view them at this link.

The casting of Renesmee was one of those big moments; I remember my excitement/anxiousness as I examined Mackenzie Foy's picture after she was cast, concluding that, yes, she looked like she could be possibly even perfect for the role. We all know Renesmee is crucial: with all the, er, strange stuff that happens in Breaking Dawn, the likeability of Renesmee is what makes it all work.

Most people have been having something of the same reaction to these new pictures as to reading about Renesmee. It's sort of magical, you could say. It's also absolutely hilarious to see how much she resembles her onscreen parents--Mackenzie Foy probably looks more like Rob and Kristen than I look like my parents. So it doesn't really matter that she will likely, towards the end of the movie, be older than Renesmee; it just matters that she works for the part. Renesmee's age is singular, anyway.

In fact, I was surprised yesterday to find myself getting really excited for the movie. I've been working for the past several months on separating my love for the books from my small (or so I tell myself) interest in the movies. But now I'm looking forward to November again.

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