Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Larry - Virgin Media Shorts

Little Larry - Virgin Media Shorts

A couple months ago, I mentioned my discovery of Keychain Productions; their latest short film, which you can view at the link above, is in a contest by Virgin Media. As you can guess by the title, it is along the same lines as the Little Lilly videos, so I recommend watching those on YouTube first (start with Little Lilly--Colour Blind, then move on to Chapters Two and Three).

At first, this new short is very much similar material to that first Little Lilly video, but its approach is slightly different. (Since I'm not interesting in summarizing, go watch it now if you haven't yet so that you'll understand what I'm talking about--it's only two minutes in length.) Larry, as the adult stuck as a child, reminds me inevitably of J.M. Barrie (who wrote Peter Pan), although I'm glad to see he was able to find out how to grow up in the end. Speaking of the ending . . . I love it. With the ending, we see the return of Little Lilly (after how many years?) and the color return to Larry's life as the two learn how to grow up, morphing from the child actors to Hannah and Andrew.

It's ultimately a very enlightening short, acknowledging that sometimes life isn't easy but also that it's easier to be hopeful when you're around the right people.

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