Friday, June 8, 2012

Temporarily Sad

Here's how it goes: there was a scarf I saw in this store that I wanted, but waited about two weeks (or was it three?) to get. And, well, that was too long. When I finally showed up, ready to buy my much-wanted scarf, it wasn't there anymore. Then came what disappointment, what sadness, what wishes that the store inventory hadn't changed so drastically in just a couple of weeks.

But the thing is, it's hard to be too sad because the chameleon store inventory is just what makes that store so wonderful.

It's called The Hummingbird House, and it is in Sedona, and it is perfect.

There are actually two stores by that name. One is the original, in a historic house. The other is closer to the touristy section (though it's only a block away, I guess). They have a few of the same items, but also unique pieces and slightly different looks. Two weeks away, they both had the scarf (which of course means that when I was looking for it yesterday, I had to visit both stores--though it isn't as if I've never done that before, even when not looking for a specific item).

The Hummingbird House reminds me a little of Anthropologie. There are antiques, there are accessories, there are books. Jewelry, perfume, decor, minor food items. Just fun stuff, arranged prettily as if it's someone's house. Pretty things, but not all shiny/new things. Sometimes it's nice to just go in for the sake of going in. Just looking around and breathing in the air gives inspiration. It's the type of store that has personality and individuality . . . a voice.

So I'll just have to forgive it for not having my scarf anymore.

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