Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Horizons

A decade ago, Disney's California Adventure opened to much disappointment. It became the empty park, the place where Disneylanders would go in the afternoon just for a couple of rides and the locals would use as a lounge. But it's been improving.

If you think about it, Disneyland wasn't always what it is today, so it makes sense that, even with planning, it would be difficult to have DCA match it from day one.

Yesterday was the grand reopening of (what is now called) Disney California Adventure. Cars Land (which I think is a weird idea, but whatever), Buena Vista Street, the new Storytellers statue of Walt/Mickey to match the Partners one in Disneyland, rides for Toy Story and The Little Mermaid, World of Color, there are so many things now that weren't there on opening day. The park itself looks less empty and a little more designed (with things like signs, railing, molding, colors, etc. that used to be very plain). You can actually spend a measurable amount of time in the park now.

Since I often approach Disneyland (I haven't yet mentioned I'm a Disneyland lover, have I? but I'm sure you've gathered that by now) from the historical perspective, all these new changes are exciting. I'm witnessing the changes take place, instead of just reading about them on Yesterland or in a book. And while there are so many pictures in circulation of certain rarer parts in Disneyland's history (like their short-lived circus), just think how many pictures people have been taking to document every stage of DCA's transformation. It isn't so unloved after all, is it?

While I'm on this topic, let me give a shout out to my trusty Disney Parks news site, MiceAge. It's funny to look at this site now: I first visited it possibly as much as nine years ago, and now they are celebrating their tenth year. The site has grown enormously, so it can be a bit confusing to jump into all the articles and updates. Once you do, however, you will have all the facts you want and more.

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