Friday, June 29, 2012

June Favorites

1) Raw Shea Butter - Throw out the lotion, everyone--raw shea butter is ten times better, and you don't have to worry about "extra" ingredients. It's perfect for dry skin, and is supposedly good as a sunscreen, as well (which is good because my dislike of certain ingredients means I can't even remember the last time I used sunscreen, despite living in Arizona). I've also been putting it on my face at night every so often. I love this stuff--I wish I'd discovered it sooner.

2) Cat Scarf - This is an estate sale find, and what a find. It's silk (naturally) and from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has a cat on it. There were several other unique scarves (many from Paris), but I didn't feel like the patterns on them were as much my style.

3) Pearl Necklace - I had been wanting a long string of pearls for a while, especially now that the 1920's have been roaring their influence so much lately. Usually I stay away from fake pearls, but since this one was probably vintage (I think . . .) and a good price, I went for it.

4) Bracelet Trio - At 50 cents for three any three bracelets, I chose two wooden ones and a silly bright green plastic one. I wouldn't have been interested in bracelets before, but my Hillywood wristband has gotten me a little more used to them.

5) Lipstick Display - Although this piece is plastic, when I saw it sitting on an antique store shelf, I thought it had a look like green milk glass. It has flowers on the sides, and is perfect for displaying makeup instead of hiding it. Now I just need a vanity to put it on . . .

6) Earth 2 - I'm only a few episodes into this TV series, and I keep going back and forth from thinking that it's not the greatest and that it's rather interesting. I'll post again once I finish all the episodes.

7) New Jane Eyre - Three times is the charm, right? I have my battered first copy of this book and my pretty Barnes & Noble leather-bound, so why not add in a vintage copy (it isn't too old, but still)? Plus, it was 50% off, so how could I resist?

8) Flourless Chocolate Cake - I love how easy this cake is to make, provided you have some good chocolate lying around (which I nearly always do, thanks to Chocablogging). Just melt chocolate and butter, add eggs, whisk in sugar and then cocoa powder, and put in the oven (I don't promise those are all the steps . . .), and out comes a decadent dessert.

9) Polka Dot Scarf - Remember when I was whining a couple weeks ago about not being able to get that scarf I wanted? Well, I found one to replace it at World Market, and have you guessed yet why I wanted this scarf? That's right--it looks similar to the scarf Abby wears in Season 1 of Primeval.

10) St. Dalfour Tea - I used to drink St. Dalfour's Earth Grey tea all the time, but it's been about three years since I had any. Some Black Cherry has reminded me of what I loved about this brand, though I still prefer the Earl Grey. But if you're looking for a good tea, try St. Dalfour--it's fresh and flavorful and isn't $15 like so many other "nice" teas these days (okay, so that's probably the price for the more adventurous flavors, not the plain ones, but you get my point).

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