Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

It all started off just fine, with pumpkin carving a few days ago. I tried my hand at one of those artificial, carvable pumpkins (I guess what's nice is that you can keep them and use them year after year, adding to your collection--and they won't spoil if you carve them a couple weeks before Halloween). They're a little difficult to get the hang of at first, but then again I'm also not very good at carving real pumpkins. So I stuck to a simple design. 

And I made cookies a couple of days ago. Double chocolate cookies made with a gingerbread man cutter and then decorated to look like skeletons. 

And then I got dressed up in my planned Darth Vader outfit. I was trying to model my makeup around his mask so that I wouldn't have to wear the mask. The thing was, I may or may not have ended up also trick-or-treating, though that wasn't part of the plan. I confess to nothing. 

The dress is Her Universe, the faux leather leggings are Anthropologie, the shoes are old Nine West ones my friend was going to get rid of but that I knew would be perfect for Vader (they have that angular shape with the square toes), the gloves are (child's) Darth Vader costume gloves, and the cloak I made (with much assistance--I basically just cut out the fabric and ironed the seams). 

Happy Halloween. 

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