Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Favorites

Most of the things on here this month are either birthday gifts or purchased with birthday money. 

1) Teapot Necklace - Originally from The Huntington Library store, this necklace is thin and flat, like a little drawing. Somehow I feel like I need to wear it with a blue dress--perhaps for Alice in Wonderland reasons. I do like a nice cup of tea at all the best parts of the day.

2) Star Wars Figures - There was an antique market going on and what should I end up with but a baker's dozen of action figures and one lizard pin (I'll put that one in next month's favorites if I remember). They were for less than the average price, so I figured I would get a few to start my collection. They've set up camp on my bookshelf.

3)  Makeup Eraser - I don't know if you saw this advertised in a Sephora email, but I thought the concept was worth looking into. This is a fairly big piece of pink cloth that's supposed to take off even waterproof mascara. You just wet a corner of it and rub your makeup off. And guess what? It really is that easy (the waterproof mascara didn't come off too easily for me, but that could be because I don't use hot water like the instructions say since the water where I live takes a while to heat--but other makeup comes off great). No need to buy makeup remover (I used to use almond oil) and no need to be throwing away cotton rounds every day; it's less waste. You use a new corner of the cloth each day and then wash it once you've used every corner.

4) Darth Vader Notebook and Notepads - Um, I don't think any commentary is necessary here. Star Wars plus stationery means I'm in. For the notepad, the middle one is actually Boba Fett and the bottom one is a Stormtrooper, not Darth Vader.

5) Zoya Nail Polish Topcoat - I needed a new clear coat and since I had been pretty happy with one of Zoya's colors, I decided to try their topcoat, which is quite good and shiny. You can buy it at Ulta.

6) Anthropologie Notebook - Pretty, sort of tropical artwork drew my eye in to this little notebook; I think I buy more notebooks at Anthropologie than clothing.

7) Anthro Shirtdress - Well, I guess I do buy some clothing there. I had to choose something for my birthday (I make that sound like it's a bad thing) and I was just seeing Star Wars when I looked at this shirt. It reminds me of Luke's Tatooine outfit from A New Hope. So here I am trying to channel Luke Skywalker, in green and brown instead of white.

8) Sephora Tarte Set - I had been waiting for Sephora to have a Tarte set for their rewards program. This one has a lash primer, lash fibers (which I always thought sounded weird and haven't tried yet), a mascara (this is why I hardly ever buy full sized mascaras anymore), an eyeliner, and a lip color in a happy red color (perfect for the coming cooler weather).

9) Sephora Birthday Set - And then they had their birthday set from Nars this year. I've heard that their lip colors are so wonderful, so I've been looking forward to getting these two all year. I know I try and stick to more natural makeup (especially for lips), but I'm willing to make the exception here.

10) Stereoscope - Have you ever seen one of these? They're Victorian 3D tech. You slip one of the picture boards on the end; these have two of the same picture on them. And then you look through the eyepieces and adjust the distance of the picture as needed for it to come into focus. And then the picture suddenly has depth to it. It's really pretty cool. Mine also came with a stack of pictures.

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