Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Favorites

1) Lizard Pin - As promised, here is the pin I got last month at the antique market. What I like about it is that it's a type of lizard that isn't always portrayed in jewelry, and all the little details of how it looks are included. Now I just have to try and remember to wear it (I somehow always forget to wear pins).

2) Zhena's Fall Tea - I bought this set mainly for the Chocolate Truffle tea, thinking I'd do a separate post for it, but it turns out that there isn't much to say. The tea doesn't taste that strongly like chocolate, having more of that mellow warm flavor Zhena's chocolate teas usually have; there isn't that much to praise. For the other flavors, the Pumpkin Spice isn't as bad as some of the pumpkin products around, though it mainly tastes like flavored red tea. The Caramel Apple is sort of nice, bringing in the feel of Fall. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the Cranberry Bliss: it tastes not so much of cranberries but of Fall and Winter spices.

3) Lollia Soap in Wish - Lollia's Wish perfume is one of my favorite perfumes; I got it for my birthday the year I went to Disneyland just a couple of days after my birthday, so it smells like magic and happiness. I just had to get the soap of the same fragrance; it's been sitting in my bathroom looking pretty for a while before I finally opened it up this month. As with Tocca's soaps, the soap itself isn't the greatest--it's just nice because it's this fragrance. It smells pretty much just like the perfume.

4) Reusable Produce Bags - I had been wanting to get some of these for a long time, but they're one of those things that, if stores sell them, they can still be kind of hard to spot, hiding in corners. So you forget that they exist. This set has four smaller bags and two larger bags, and you can use them for everything. Lettuce, cucumbers, onions, apples. And buy things like potatoes loose and put them in one of these bags instead of choosing the kind that have already been bagged. Because, really, I was starting to feel kind of odd carrying away plastic produce bags into my reusable shopping bags.

4) Flowered Tights - Fall also means it's time to bring out the tights. These are a neutral gray but with tiny pink flowers for prettiness.

5) Mrs. Meyer's Laundry Detergent - I've included Meyer's dish soap before; now it's time to also praise their laundry soap. It's concentrated, so one bottle lasts a long time, it's made with much better ingredients than most detergents, and it has a pleasant and mild lavender scent. Oh, yes, and if you use this detergent, you will have no need for fabric softener (I can't even remember the last time I used fabric softener; I forget that it even exists).

6) Free People Coat - This was kind of a gift; I really didn't have the money to buy it myself right now, even though it was 50% off (not at Free People, at a different store). I tried it on (amazed that the small sale rack had it in my size) and instantly fell in love. I call it my Artful Dodger coat, and it's as if it's made for me. I love long coats (that's one of the reasons that the Tenth Doctor is my favorite), and though I sometimes try and avoid them because I feel like the bulk overwhelms me since I'm short, this coat is fitted enough (and cool-looking enough) that I didn't give the length any second thoughts. I adore it.

7) Skull Cookies - Yesterday I shared the skeleton cookies I made, so the skull cookies from a couple weeks ago felt left out. They're sugar cookies with pink and green icing (which happened to be the colors I had in the house).

8) Desert Essence Toothpaste - I recently recommended this toothpaste to a friend, who absolutely loved it. That reminded me that, while I used to make almost a game out of trying new toothpastes, I've stuck with this one for year now--so I must like it. Fluoride free, SLS free, cruelty free/vegan. Made with tea tree oil, neem, and baking soda. The wintergreen has only a very mild mint flavor (which is good because I prefer toothpastes that taste like nothing). It's a good product.

9) Brown Dotted Tights - More Fall tights, in an even more neutral look. For some reason I think these would look good with denim.

10) West Fork Trail - In October, West Fork (in Oak Creek Canyon above Sedona) is the place to be. So in October, I was at West Fork. Sometimes you can catch the leaves when they're an amazing shade of pink; this time they were more golden than pink, though it was still pretty out. Just being able to be outside in cool weather was nice, too. I wore my Keens (which make great hiking or walking shoes, by the way), a pair of old jeans, a plain green long-sleeved shirt, a thin wool sweater, and a green hair tie.

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