Monday, February 15, 2021

Verde Valley's Heritage

For most people, perhaps, Camp Verde is just the town you pass through on the 17 on your way from Phoenix to Sedona. But if you linger, there are plenty of quiet spots, as well as destinations, worth your time. Fort Verde and Out of Africa are the top tourist attractions. There are also trails, maybe a quick peek at the salt mine, the Verde River, and one or two antique stores. 

Recent-ishly, new building development near fast food junction encountered a Native American archaeological site. So the land was donated to the Verde Valley Archaeological Center, who have set up a little path for visitors--I believe there may be plans for a museum, as well. The Native American Heritage Pathway is a quiet, small loop. Good for locals and passersby alike. If you are taking one of those long car rides and don't have time to linger but do want to get out and stretch your legs for a few minutes, this is perfect. 

There is plenty of signage along the way with info about ancient farming and housing and the like. The desert animal-shaped benches also have signposts describing each animal as well as its significance to Native Americans. 

The garden doesn't have too much going on in winter, but in season you do get to see crops growing. And they did give it a beautiful gate, did they not? A convenient picnic table wouldn't be a bad spot to stop for lunch. 

Or you can just enjoy the views. Camp Verde is a beautiful spot of land, a true green valley in the middle of mountains. Even though this little path is kind of in a nook, it still lets you see some trees, plenty of sky, and small glimpses of the surrounding mountains and cliffs. 

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