Friday, July 3, 2015

Be the Fourth of July

It seems that each year, I keep going more and more crazy over the Fourth of July--and I think everyone else should, too. I've been so happy that nearly every clothing store I've been by lately has at least had a Fourth of July display and many have had specifically patriotic clothing (flag shirts, for instance). So I'd like to just take a quick moment today and list some of the ways that I bring red, white, and blue in; tomorrow I'll do some sort of more general Fourth of July post.

1) I like the flag shirts best, but if you can't get one or don't want one, at least try and wear two to three colors. I actually bought two flag shirts because I decided that the first one I got was too thick of a material (I'll be around Phoenix on the Fourth); the second one is a much lighter material, though they're both tank tops with vertical flags on them. The easiest way, of course, to wear flag colors if you're not wearing a flag shirt is to wear denim shorts with a white or red shirt--maybe add an accessory in the color you're still missing.

2) Nail polish is great. I don't do my fingernails anymore, but I like to make my toenails into a flag design. I alternate the small toes in red and white and paint the big toes in blue with white stars. I've been using Revlon's 680 Revlon Red, L'Oreal's 220 I Will, Sally Hansen's 901 Royal Rage, and the Sally Hansen i Nail Art Pen in 360 Pearly White.

3) Don't forget the makeup, either. Blue eyeshadow and red lips aren't something I would wear together any other day, but they're perfect for July Fourth.

4) Temporary tattoos--I've never had Fourth of July tattoos before, but I came across some in Hobby Lobby that looked good, so why not? There are flags and stars and eagles and butterflies with the flag; they're kind of an alternate to face-painting, I guess.

5) Jewelry is good, too. Depending on where you're going to be, you maybe don't want to wear your nicer jewelry. If you were going to be at home, you might wear pearls and coral and blue beads, but I'd leave those at home if you'll be at a park. This is where fashion jewelry or the cheap kind they sell specifically for the holiday can come in nicely. I have my necklace with all the little triangular flags from Charming Charlie that I'll be wearing (actually, I've been wearing it for the past three days already . . . )

6) Do you use hairbands? Throw on a red, white, or blue one--or try and mix up the colors. Michaels had some good ones for sale, too, if you want something that combines all the colors.

7) Enthusiasm tops it all off. I want us all to be excited, wherever we are and however we're celebrating. Choose your own traditions, but let's make this a big day, a triumphant day, and a thankful day. We, through our attitudes and our collective memory in honoring this day, we are the Fourth of July.

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