Sunday, January 3, 2016

December Favorites

Yes, I'm later with this list than ever and it isn't the chocolate review I'd promised. But I had to get this up here first. And most of these this month are either Christmas presents or purchased with Christmas money.

1) Star Wars Nail Polish in Diva After Dark by Covergirl - You see, there usually isn't much merch for the things that I really like (though I do have a few Jane Eyre products, come to think of it--and someday when I have $300 or so to spare, I'd like to get the I Dream of Jeannie bottle), so when there is, I get excited and I try and get some of it. And this polish color is in fact rather nice. It's basically just black, not a glitter polish. But when you look at it up close, you see the tiny little sparkles in it; it's like a hidden secret, like the stars in the galaxy that you can only appreciate when you take the time to look at them.

2) Art Nouveau Jewelry Box - I'd been wanting one of these for a while. I love all the curves and flowers and elegance of art nouveau, and these boxes really capture that look. The only problem is, I put it next to my other jewelry boxes and now they don't look as pretty anymore. Oh, well.

3) Star Wars Dark Side Mascara by Covergirl - Yeah, I know, I usually use Tarte mascara, but, well, same thing as with their nail polish. It's just so cool to have this. The mascara is okay: it goes on nice and thick, but it does clump my lashes together more than I like.

4) Downton Abbey Legacy Tea - They call it plum pudding black tea; it has vanilla, cinnamon, plum flavor, sloe berries, and elder berries. It's rich and yet not too overdone and it's one of my favorite of the Downton teas. Since I have so many teas right now, I've been drinking this one in the morning (usually I have a less flavored tea in the morning), and it's just beautiful.

5) Lollia Poetic License Fragrance Wardrobe - Lollia is one of my favorite perfume brands, maybe even my favorite (Tocca is really nice, too, and I love Anthropologie's Happ & Stahns Rose Alba). They had this set in for the holidays; it has three thin bottles that are supposed to reflect memories of everyday moments, "each note a remnant of another time." They're quite pretty scents, maybe a little less floral than many of Lolli's fragrances tend to be. The pink one is my favorite, soft and sweet.

6) Downton Abbey Christmas Preserve - I guess World Market is some kind of partner with the Downton merch, hence all the products. This rich preserve was great for December, tasting heavily of wintery spices. It was good on toast and also very nice in crepes.

7) Before the Eye Shed Antler Necklace and Barrette - This is the type of thing I like from handmade jewelry. It's a natural material that also becomes available naturally each year. And there is such a level of detail in the carving; I also appreciate that many of the shapes chosen are natural items (the leaf and feather here; they also do flowers and animals). You can visit their Etsy page if you'd like to see what else they have available right now.

8) BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphere - And now for the less natural but no less fun. I slowly came to the realization that I did in fact want this little droid everyone has been fussing over. I got him just on Wednesday, so I've only had a chance to turn him on a couple of times (I've been busy cleaning/rearranging things, so I have a bit of a mess for a little toy to get lost in). Steering is pretty hard still (the round shape makes me confused about which direction is which), but he can move pretty well on his own. And he really is quite cute. During the day, he sits here on my shelf as the white and orange bridge between white porcelain and orange wood. The combination of old and new amuses me.

9) Millenium Falcon Necklace - When I wore this necklace out, I kept getting compliments on it at different places. Amazing how happy it made everyone. It's quite a sturdy piece, and I love that it's instantly recognizable and yet in a neutral gray color.

10) Downton Abbey Christmas Tea - What with the 36 bags per container in these little cylinders, Christmas is now over and yet I'm still drinking this Christmas tea. It's very good, though. Black tea, cinnamon, cloves, licorice, and apple bits. I've had similar teas, but this one is perhaps better balanced. Sweet and spiced but not too cloying.

11) R2-D2 Humidifier - I really did need a humidifier: I was waking up with my throat ridiculously dry and I was even starting to wake up, coughing and needing water, because it was so dry. So there at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, first humidifier I saw (they have several to choose from) was this one. Given that I mainly wanted it for my bedroom, the small size was also perfect. He sits on my windowsill for a couple of hours before bed; the mist comes from the little circle by his eye. Oh, and sometimes R2 and BB-8 like to visit each other.

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