Monday, March 28, 2016

OOTD: Primeval-Inspired

I've been thinking about Primeval so much lately. Maybe it's because it's spring, the time in which I always seem to discover new TV shows. I still haven't started my rewatch of the series, but I have been letting the fashion inspiration come back in. When I was in college (which is when I started watching the show), I used to dress like the characters all the time. Connor most often, but sometimes also Abby, Jess, and Helen. I once saw a jacket at Ross that reminded me of Cutter and so I really wanted it--but I wasn't there looking for a jacket, so I had to leave it be. Cutter always wore the same type of jacket, so there isn't really any way of dressing like him unless you have a jacket like his. Connor is much easier.

Layers are the biggest thing about Connor's outfits (not including the simpler look of Seasons 4/5). So here's how I channeled my inner Connor Temple this past week.

Connor often wears colored pants, so I wore my matte gold Free People pants. As a graphic t-shirt, I have a Mickey Mouse shirt that I usually (or always) just wear around the house; it's perfect for this outfit because you can just barely get a hint of it underneath the top layer.

The top layer is, of course, my vest: vest, fingerless gloves, and hat are Connor's trio. My vest is a black Antonio Melani piece that I was so excited to find a couple of years ago on sale and in my size. The gloves are the handmade ones from my favorites post last month. And the hat is from my vintage collection; it has an orange ribbon and feather and I actually can't remember for sure which antique store I got it from. Probably somewhere in Prescott. The boots are my old Aldo ones, and the amethyst necklace is another antique store find. I wore a dusty purple eyeshadow and a pink lip color. As a nod to Primeval, I chose my vintage silver, pterosaur earrings.

A little less colorful than some of Connor's outfits, this one reminds me more of what he wears at the beginning of Season 2, the episode where the raptors are in a shopping mall. Simple, with neutral colors, and that fitted black vest.

(Side note: I used to alternate between curling and straightening my hair--then I suddenly hated it straightened. And now I kind of like if straightened again; I think this is because my hair is just a bit longer now, so it has a different look when it's straightened. So, yes, straight hair here.)

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